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Insect Repellent Tape

SyncSol Adhesive

The present invention relates to an insect repellent tape and it particularly relates to an insect repellent tape which may be readily placed in and around buildings or rooms for insecticidal purposes.To assure slow release of the residual and retention thereof, a very light coat of a permeable resin is applied to the top surface of the tape which will result in a very slow release of the residual repelling the insect, but at the same time not causing any injury or sensitivity as far as the human body is concerned.

This will enable ready application of the tape by the housewife to cover any cracks, corners or crevices or places in and about the room, kitchen or other enclosure which is subject to inset entrance or infestation.

Insect Repellent Tape

Industry for Insect Repellent Tape Application

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