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SyncSol SAFT 5469

Acralic Foam Tape

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Syncsol Acrylic Foam Tape

Product description

SyncSol SAFT 5469 Tapes are a family of double-sided foam tapes made from high performance acrylic adhesives. These tapes are able to form bonds of exceptional strength and have greater durability and elasticity than conventional double-sided foam tapes. The SAFT 5469 Tape product range includes tapes with different core constructions and a variety of adhesives. All SAFT 5469 Tapes use closed cell technology, and provide outstanding environmental resistance and durability. The superior performance of SAFT 5469 Tapes means they can often be used to replace mechanical fasteners for joining a wide range of materials. The exceptional performance of these tapes comes from the properties of the acrylic core. The core has the dual properties of behaving like a very viscous liquid and an elastic solid. This property is known as viscoelasticity.

Main applications

“SyncSol Masking Tape High Temperature MTHT 1741 is used in critical paint masking application for the appliance, automotive, furniture, marine, metal working, construction and aerospace industry. The tape is easy to tear by hand for tool-free application. Other applications are automotive holding, protecting, labelling, painting, arts and crafts etc.”

Base MaterialPolyester Film 50 µm
Total Thickness75 µm
Tensile Strength (kg/mm)20 kgs
Adhesion to Steel (gms/inch) 900 gms
Elongation (% at break)5.5% ±10%
Temperature Resistance (°C/hr)300 °C


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