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Paper & Print Industry

Paper or film splicing and flexo plate mounting tapes are a few examples from our comprehensive range for web material production and processing.

Plate Mounting Tapes for Flexo Printing
We offer a comprehensive assortment of plate mounting tapes with foam, film or cloth backings to fulfil all flexo printing needs.

Splicing Tapes
The latest generations of splicing tapes continue the success story of SyncSol Adhesive splicing products for a variety of markets.

Process Tapes for Flexo Printing
Roller wrapping, plate edge sealing, core starting and failure flagging are just a few examples from our wide range of complementary tapes.

Process Tapes for Paper Production
Well-proven tape solutions to affix paper material to a new core or to close reels for transportation inside and outside the paper mill.

Corrugator Design Tapes
Our self-adhesive speciality tapes used to open, close and reinforce boxes offer the highest production efficiency and process security.

SyncSol Adhesive Product

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