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General Industry

SyncSol Adhesive tape, self-adhesive tape, sticky tape or just plain tape – whatever you call it – what they all have in common is that they play a vital role in industrial processes and manufacturing.

Strapping tapes for bundling and palletising feature a very high tensile strength, tear resistance and good adhesion to many different substrates.

Double Sided Tapes
Due to their high and long-lasting adhesive strength, double-sided tapes allow objects to be quickly and easily fixed to a wide range of different surfaces.

Functional Tapes
Functional tapes do more than just connect two objects to one another. These adhesive tapes feature additional properties like insulation, conductivity, grip, shielding, etc.

Glues & Cleaners
High-quality spray adhesives suitable for use on a wide range of materials as well as cleaners for surface preparation and removing residues.

Masking Tapes
Masking tapes, also known as painters’ tape, are essential for painting as they provide perfect, sharp edges, are easy to use and remove without residue even from delicate surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Whether for light or heavy cartons, short transportation or long overseas trips, tesa packaging tapes ensure security of shipments under all conditions.

Repairing tapes offer “first aid” in emergency situations, allowing minor damage to be fixed with little effort. These tapes are ideal for fast and reliable repairs.

Surface Protection
Surface protection tapes are designed to protect surfaces from damage due to abrasion, debris, environmental elements, and more.

Tape Dispensers
Tape dispensers help to optimise processes by making tape handling and application easier. We offer a variety of handheld, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic dispensers for adhesive tapes. Be it for household or industrial applications, SyncSol range of products – from packing tape dispensers to industrial tape dispensers – will meet your needs.

SyncSol Adhesive Product

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