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Copiers & Printers Industry

We offer numerous tape solutions – including mounting, bundling, surface protection and securing transport – for manufacturers of copiers and printers.

Multifunction Printers
Printers can be found in almost every household and office around the world. The requirements have gone beyond just printing, scanning and copying. State-of-the-art design and features are expected by the customer. This makes production of these devices even more demanding. Our tapes can improve this enormously. From efficiency to quality improvements, our wide range of tapes offers streamlined solutions.

Commercial Copiers
Whether a printer is designed for home or office use, our solutions are the right choice to meet demanding requirements. Our products can significantly improve both the productivity of a commercial printer and the overall product quality. As commercial printers are subject to heavy use, it’s best to trust in us.

SyncSol Adhesive Product

SyncSol Adhesive : Buil to Bond
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