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Metal Industry

Our advanced adhesive-tape solutions for the metal-manufacturing process in metal-manufacturing and metalworking industry – from core starting all the way to the finished product

Metal Coil Core Starting
Secure connection of product and core during rolling processes with our high adhesive double-sided tapes.

Metal Coil End Tabbing
Our single-sided adhesive tapes offer strong adhesion and high tensile strength for secure fastening of metal coils.

Metal Overlap Splicing
Double-sided adhesive tapes with high adhesion and heavy stress resistance offer great opportunities for high efficiency in metal-manufacturing processes.

Metal Butt Splicing
High adhesive single-sided tapes for metal splicing applications with highest efficiency.

Metal Edge and Surface Protection
Our single-sided adhesion tapes with residue-free removal for personnel safety and damage protection during transportation.

Metal Bundling and Marking
High adhesion and color variety for bundling and marking of coils with our single-sided high adhesion tapes.

SyncSol Adhesive Product

SyncSol Adhesive : Buil to Bond
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