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SyncSol SAFT 5471

Acralic Foam Tape

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Syncsol Acrylic Foam Tape

Product description

Our Syncsol SAFT 5471 consists of a durable acrylic adhesive with viscoelastic properties. This provides an extraordinarily strong double sided foam tape that adheres to a broad range of substrates, including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, composites, plastics, acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS and painted or sealed wood and concrete. Our SAFT 5471 bonding tapes provide excellent shear strength, conformability, surface adhesion and temperature resistance. They are commonly used in applications across a variety of markets including transportation, appliance, electronics, construction, sign and display and general industrial. Reliably bonds a variety of materials with strength and speed for permanent applications.

Main applications

Decorative material and trim Nameplates and logos Electronic displays Panel to frame Stiffener to panel

Base MaterialPolyester Film 50 µm
Total Thickness75 µm
Tensile Strength (kg/mm)20 kgs
Adhesion to Steel (gms/inch) 900 gms
Elongation (% at break)5.5% ±10%
Temperature Resistance (°C/hr)300 °C


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