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SyncSol SPAF 2050

Aluminium Foil Tape

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SyncSol Aluminium Foil Tape Poly coated SPAF 2023

Product description

SPAF 2050 is a specialty designed tape for mounting of refrigeration coils and other similar applications. It is a dead-soft aluminium foil tape coated with a modified acrylic adhesive system and with an easy-release paper liner. It is highly conformable resulting in easy application over the refrigeration coils without rupturing. The adhesive system is stable over wide temperature range, making it ideal for application in refrigerator, coolers, etc. It acts as an excellent barrier to moisture and prevents damage to the coils from PUF.

Main applications

Holding of condenser / evaporator coils in refrigerators and other HVAC Appliances, moisture barrier-e.g. around windows in luxury buses & in appliances, general purpose heat reflector, mechanical holding of wires in appliances walls etc.

Base MaterialPolyester Film 50 µm
Total Thickness75 µm
Tensile Strength (kg/mm)20 kgs
Adhesion to Steel (gms/inch) 900 gms
Elongation (% at break)5.5% ±10%
Temperature Resistance (°C/hr)300 °C


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