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SyncSol ETGC 8839

Electrical Tape Glass Cloth Tape

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SyncSol Manufacture Glass Cloth Tape

Product description

SyncSol ETGC 8829 Glass Cloth Tape is specially formulated with heat curing adhesive which gives it a high temperature abrasion resistance. The tape conforms to ‘H’ Class which can withstand up to 400 °C. The tape is also available in different variants high tack, medium tack, low tack, thermosetting rubber.

Main applications

  • Glass Cloth backing is coated with high grade adhesives silicone.
  • Provides H class insulation.
  • High temperature resistant ranging from 400 ℃.
  • High adhesion & abrasion resistant.
  • Flame retardant property.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Permanent sealing of high temperature ducts & chambers.
  • Used as high temperature masking.
  • Used in Aircraft window sealing & many other uses.

Adhesive Silicone
Film Thickness130 µm
Total Thickness165 µm
Tensile Strength (kg/mm)300 kgs
Adhesion to Steel (gms/inch)600 gms
Elongation (% at break) 5.5 % ±10%
Temp. Resistance (°C/hr.)400 °C
Dielectric Strength3.5 kv



Our adhesive tape solutions for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, TVs, OLED technologies, displays, wearables and other smart devices.


We offer numerous appliance tape solutions for mounting, injection, component marking, surface protection, secure transport, and much more.

SyncSol Manufacture of Adhesive Genreal Purpose Tapes

General Applications

What do adhesive, self-adhesive, and plain tape have in common? They all play a vital role in industrial processes and manufacturing.

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