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SyncSol STSB 6932

SyncSol Double Sided Tissue Tape

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Syncsol Double Sided Tissue Tape

Product description

SyncSol Double Sided Tissue Tape STSB 6932 is hotmelt coated on thermal polymeric material which gives effective quick bonding with strong adhesion, easy tear property that makes it convenient to use for any general applications.
SyncSol Double Sided Tissue Tape STSB 6932 is used for sticking poly bag and paper, for holding and joining light weight objects, fixing of ornament hook or signage board, shoe & leather industry, computerized embroidery etc.

Main applications

  • Double Side Tissue Tape is lightweight tissue coated with Hotmelt adhesives.
  • The tissue tapes have anti-rebounding & anti-wrapping property specially designed to be used in television sets, earphones, loud-speakers, sound box, gift packing of smooth surfaces and LED sticking.
  • High tack allows for multiple usages.
  • Ideal for nameplate fixing, plastic film lamination/bonding, foam bonding.
  • Splicing.
  • Recommended for mounting light objects.
  • Securing backing & fabric in embroidery.
  • Used in shoe, leather, paper, white goods industry as well as in postal & carpet fixing jobs.

How to apply SyncSol STSB 6932

During the application of SyncSol Double Sided Tissue Tape STSB 6932 , please ensure the surface is clean, dry and dust free. Ensure to apply even and firm pressure for better adhesion results.

Shelf Life & Storage

SyncSol Double Sided Tissue Tape STSB 6932 should be stored in cool and dry place and prolonged exposure to the direct sunlight should be avoided. To obtain best performance, the product should be used within 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Base MaterialTissue – 13 gsm
Adhesive Hotmelt
Total Thickness 60 µm
Tensile Strength (gms/mm-width) 376 gms / 25 mm
Elongation (% at break) 4 %
Adhesion to Steel (gms/inch) 1,200 gms
Temperature Resistance (°C/hr.)Adhesive: 60°C
Release Liner90 gsmPaper
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